Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lab Style

I know we are sticking to a timeless era, but for the lab, I think we will have to settle on a time-influenced genre. By looking at the pictures I chose to represent the lab, I obviously have Industrial Revolution in my head. I think we can take a lot of liberties with accuracy, and mix around with what is actually in the lab (hey- he could have stuff from the past, and the future!) This time era lends itself pretty easily to steampunk and to british colonialism/safari adventurer... 

Here's my 'board' for the lab. Let me know what you guys think!

I love this picture, beauce I totally picture the lab to look huge...but to be way bigger than it seems becasue it goes underground!

I also see a very 'train station' type look to the interior-

with lots of glass

and iron.

way more industrial than homie. Metal. Concrete. Glass.

And scrolly, twisty stairs.

and rolly- pully systems across the ceiling!

Did I mention the iron ;) 

Here are a few 'interior' scenes that fit what I see in my head (more or less)

And there can be little detailed things like these:




The furnishings are made of wood...

 I am reluctant to go full Steampunk, but we could have elements of it scattered about-- like drawings like these on the walls...?

 And even though we are trying to be timeless, and/or in an era long ago, Fishcoat could have some technology in his lab...but if he does, I see it kind of weird and old-timey. He made it afterall...he didn't go to Best Buy!

The next 3 images are not for style, more for Sarah, when you start drawing... Do you like how perspective is treated in these illustrations? If/when we get to the point of making individual rooms for the lab that are accompanied with point and click sounds, an illustration along these lines would be cool! 

Oh, and this has nothing to do with the lab...but I thought the bike was cool. Maybe Fishcoat rides something this ridiculous?!

 Since Fishcoat's lab is also his home, we will have to add some elements of comfort and what not, but I think a few of those touches will go a long way. This has to feel first and foremost like a place of work. Serious work! A comfy chair here, a half-eaten sandwich there, and we'll get the idea...

So, my word styles for the lab would be:

concrete (brick?)
sun light
electric light
secret/hidden spaces
Active! Everything is moving, bubbling, buzzing, turning...
a little chaotic