Thursday, March 31, 2011

Literary Map of United Kingdom

I love it! This wonderful map is worth a close look. I think I might have to buy it so that I can gaze at it enough to familiarize myself with the authors I haven't heard of. Edwin Morgan? Fanny Burney? So many I don't know!

I think it is a great oversight, however, that JK Rowling and James Joyce have been left off the map. These were to two omissions I noticed right away.  Where would we be without Dubliners and Ulysses? And I don't want to think about a world without Harry Potter, I don't even think I could! Anyone notice any other authors (from the British Isles, duh) who have been forgotten? I will write them in myself when I get my print.

I wonder if there is a map like this for the United States, or any other country. I would love a collection that shows the world through literature!

I found this great map on this blog, full of all kinds of fun posts-
and she found it from this shop, full of fantastic things for readers and writers.


  1. This is brilliant! Thanks for posting it. I shall be sharing it for sure. :)

  2. Of course! I am glad you liked it. Sooooo many wonderful writers from this part of the world!