Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy St. Andrew's Day


I'll admit it, I haven't really a clue as to what St. Andrew's Day is all about- but I hope to one day. I know that St. Andrew is the patron saint of that beautiful country we call Scotland, and that his relics are (possibly) buried in the town named after him. But more than the religious association, what I am most interested in is the traditions and festivities. I am picturing them to be akin to our 4th of July celebrations here in the States. Hopefully I'll get to partake in a genuine St. Andrew's Day celebration sometime soon- until then, YouTube and Wikipedia will have to do! Follow the links below to know as much as I do about this national day-

Watch this short and simple YouTube video to get the skinny on St. Andrew and his connection with Scotland. Or visit here for a more detailed account.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another thing on my Christmas list

Why is it so easy for me to shop for myself? And how did I miss this one? I am only hearing of this book, which looks amazing, now that the movie is buzzing.

Have any of you read it? Is it as great as it looks??

Never have I ever...


Below is a list of 50 things I have never done. I got this idea from a blog I read, and she got it from another blog she reads... so if you want, feel free to make your own list to share either here or your own platform. It's kinda of fun. I tried not to limit myself to any kind of categories. I just wrote down anything that popped into my head that I have never done. Some of the things on the list I want to do, and others I am proud to have abstained from. And still others never got much thought until today!

1. Cut my hair really short

2. Donated blood (I have a real fear of needles... I know, pathetic)

3. Watched an episode of Lost

4. Attended a funeral service

5. Written a novel

6. Punched someone or been punched in the face

7. Had acupuncture (again, with the needles)

8. Been to an Outback Steakhouse

9. Been a princess for Halloween (Maid Marian and Snow White weren't princesses, were they?)

10. Played the game Risk

11. Gone scuba diving

12. Seen my husband cry (Never. In 12 years. He might be part robot)

13. Eaten veal, lamb, venison, duck or rabbit

14. Dove headfirst into water (It's a genetic thing. My mom can not dive either, even though we are both good swimmers... There's something really wrong about entering anything with your head though, right?)

15. Broken a bone

16. Thrown my underwear on stage at a rock concert (that I can remember ;)

17. Seen a double rainbow

18. Paid for a stranger's coffee (a la pay it forward)

19. Done a good cartwheel

20. Sat on a jury

21. Saved someone's life

22. Flown a plane

23. Got my heart broken

24. Seen a ghost

25. Kept my real identity secret from a friend (Seriously. Its the plot of so many movies and I don't know anyone who has done it in real life!)

26. Solved a rubix cube (but I have removed the stickers and rearranged them so it looks solved...)

27. Asked someone out on a date

28. Visited the Grand Canyon

29. Hitchhiked (alone)

30. Had a surprise party

31. Taken the Bar exam (that's why my name wasn't on the list of folks who passed- no more check up emails!)

32. Sewn a quilt (but I bought a machine and a bunch of material that sits in my closet!)

33. Been the "other woman"

34. Owned a home

35. Surfed (on a wave or a crowd)

36. Got a speeding ticket

37. Purchased anything on lay away (do stores still do that?)

38. Painted on a blank canvas

39. Been pickpocketed (knock on wood)

40. Worn acrylic nails or hair extensions

41. Lived somewhere it snows each winter

42. Thrown up on a roller coaster

43. Fired a machine gun

44. Read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

45. Had a baby

46. Kissed the Blarney Stone

47. Put someone under "citizen's arrest" (although there have been times when I wished I could)

48. Been baptized

49. Seen a hippo in the wild

50. Learned how to type without looking occasionally at my fingers (doh!)

Eye of the Tiger

Still no luck with my iPhoto! But I have been dragged to the gym a few times since I've been back home. Matty once again is fighting the battle against my morning crabbiness and general lazy bones to get me stretching and running and lifting weights as the sun comes up. In my mind, this is how we look:

And while I holler and moan about getting up and at 'em so early in the morning, I must admit that a good workout does make the rest of my day better and I find myself in a happier mood. Maybe that's *part* of Matt's motivation. As Becca said at our wedding, "Happy wife, Happy life!"

Monday, November 28, 2011

things that used to be other things

An old Vespa

Vintage dresser

Industrial trolly


Guitar case

Tea crates

Old bed sheets

Milk crates


truck springs
Grain bins

Water bottle caps

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dreamy rustic cottage interior

I have so much to share from my very Happy hiatus, but I'm not quite ready. There are some technical difficulties in downloading my photos onto my Mac (apparently, I have way more photos than my little computer has room for... oh, bother!). So, while I am figuring all that out, I'll share a few posts that have been waiting patiently in draft form for their day in the limelight. Enjoy-

Everything in this room from MagzMagz makes me drool! So cozy!

This bedroom is pretty dreamy too...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

On my Christmas list

Handmade Scottish-themed finger puppets? Too cute! 

Buy them for me (or someone else on your list...*sad face* ) here.

I'm baaaaaack!

I enjoyed a wonderful break away from home and away from my blog, but it is good to be back. The only problem now- I have so many Happy things to share, I don't know where to begin!

First, I hope all my readers in the United States had a pleasant Thanksgiving. I know it is a holiday that holds some controversy, many feel like it sugar coats a particularly brutal part of our country's history, but for me it is simply a day to remind me to be grateful for the Happy things in my life. Usually, on the last Thursday in November, at whatever table I sit around to enjoy my turkey-free feast, I list the things for which I wish to give thanks. This year, I'd like to include my list here on my blog:

1. I am grateful for my health and the health of my family members and friends
2. I am grateful for my wonderful husband- he's my best friend and a hell of a kisser
3. I am grateful for my baby kitties
4. I am grateful for my parents- their generosity and sense of adventure
5. I am grateful for my brother and all the cool things he does with me
6. I am grateful for both of my sister-in-laws and my other girl friends (and guy friends too)
7. I am grateful for my passport
8. I am grateful we finally got our car back
9. I am grateful that I always have available to me a warm bed, clean water, laundered clothes, and an abundance of food
10. I am grateful for books
11. I am grateful the baby kitty came into our lives, and got a great home (I am grateful for Jess!)
12. I am grateful for my hands and my feet (I get this one ;)
13. I am grateful I have the time and means for hobbies and *frivolous* interests
14. I am grateful that I get to write this blog, and that there are people who read it
15. I am grateful to enjoy this wonderful, mysterious, phenomenal planet!

That's all for now- I am sure I have even more to be grateful for, but my laundry is finished and I have to start another load (Oh! I am so grateful for having my own washer and dryer!)  I imagine that I'll be posting quite a bit between now and the end of the year to catch up for my hiatus! Until then-


Thursday, November 3, 2011


You may have noticed over the last few weeks that I have not been posting to my beloved blog -- or perhaps my absence has not grabbed your attention at all. Either way, I feel the obligation to inform any readers out there that my hiatus will continue for a few more weeks. I shall return around Thanksgiving, and I am sure to have loads of Happy Things to share.

Until then, I wish you all a dreamy autumn full of all of your happiest things.