About Me

I'm Rianne.

Its pronounced "rye" (like the bread) "ann" (like the really common name). It's like Diane with an 'R' and if I had a nickel for every time I said that, I'd have so many nickels that "Nickels" would probably become my nickname, and nobody would worry about pronouncing my real name anymore.

Um... and writing an about me page is pretty much the last thing I want to do. What to write? What would anyone care to know??

Let's keep it simple. And fun. And Happy.

This is me...

But I normally look like this-

Let's see.... I love tomatoes. I can't throw out a catalog without first giving it a quick flip through. Most of my tale so far takes place in California. I used to have a ukulele. I like riding in cars more than operating them. I am one of those rare cat and dog persons. I am learning to knit. I have seen Bruce Springsteen in concert twice. I am a staunch vegetarian-American.  Everything else you can probably guess about me from looking around on this blog- especially this post and this post too

I started this blog over a year ago to have an online collection of the things that make me happy. I needed a go-to-- a special place that is impervious to negativity. So Dreams & Happy Things became the place where I could write about the people I know who make me laugh... or awesome vacations I have been on... or the great places I still want to visit... or the books that I can't put down... or the scarf I just finished... or the fantastic works of some other artist or crafter... or adorable animals... or, well, just about anything else that gives me Happy fuzzy feelings. And I love comments, so comment away, my friends!

I am married to this man...

Although, he normally looks like this-

He loves sports. He's freaked out by shredded coconut. He is tall and has big muscles and he is sweet and silly. He calls pants that don't feel comfortable "ickies". And he often changes lanes while driving through an intersection, even though I have told him a million times that it is against the law. He is an optician-musician and he is featured throughout Dreams & Happy Things, both with and without his prior consent.  

And of all the things in the world, he makes me Happiest...


...him and our three beautiful grey baby boys-

These guys are Linus, Sherpa and OB. And they give me super sweet baby kitty lovin' all the time. Linus likes to eat my hair, and he cuddles the closest. I'm his favorite and he's my favorite too. And Sherpa is the softest kitty ever to walk the earth but he is clumsy and he knows how cute he is. OB is a little nervous in his own skin, and he likes to scratch the walls. If he could go outside, I bet he would fill his days with amazing athletic accomplishments. They all love to pose for the camera.

I am also Happy when I'm...

...reading Harry Potter, and other books...
Artist Yoote

...going on adventures both near and far...

...listening to and making up stories...

...cooking, eating, and even trying to grow food...

...and when I am surrounded in all things warm & cozy.
artist Mike R. Baker

Now you know everything about me. 


  1. very nice...I hope you keep sharing :-))

  2. Hi Rianne,
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