Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy St. Andrew's Day


I'll admit it, I haven't really a clue as to what St. Andrew's Day is all about- but I hope to one day. I know that St. Andrew is the patron saint of that beautiful country we call Scotland, and that his relics are (possibly) buried in the town named after him. But more than the religious association, what I am most interested in is the traditions and festivities. I am picturing them to be akin to our 4th of July celebrations here in the States. Hopefully I'll get to partake in a genuine St. Andrew's Day celebration sometime soon- until then, YouTube and Wikipedia will have to do! Follow the links below to know as much as I do about this national day-

Watch this short and simple YouTube video to get the skinny on St. Andrew and his connection with Scotland. Or visit here for a more detailed account.

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