Monday, February 6, 2012

Where I been?

I've taken a mini break from  my blog, and now I'm back. Anyone interested in all the Happy things that kept me from my online responsibilities? Well, here they are:

First, Matt and I have had a visit from one of his closest friends, and they let me tag along to a Martin Sexton concert. I think this is the sixth or seventh time that I have seen "Marty" live and this show was one of the best. He rocked the El Rey Theater! If you haven't heard of this guy, check him out. You'll be happy you did.

I've also been reading a few of the books we checked out of the library for our Burns Supper. I realize that I appreciate the poems more if I figure out their meaning with the use of a Scots-English dictionary, and then reread them a few times to get the cadence and rhythm.

And I've been eating.  A lot. I'm trying to keep to an all natural diet for the month of February. Can't talk too much about it, since I am only a few days in and I don't want to jinx myself. So far, so good though. No gluten, no dairy, (no meat, of course), no alcohol, no refined sugar and no processed foods. So... these kiwis are a go!

But this pie isn't. I did make it though, and sent it off to be eaten without me. I've made it once before, its a blackberry/apple pie with a crumble top. I will post the recipe some day, because it is a little too delicious to keep to myself. 

And, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, which for me means two things...

1. The halftime show- had to check out Madonna, who despite the haters I have read online I thought did a great job. I mean, it was what it should have been- showy, short and full of songs we all know backwards and forwards... (I had to keep reminding myself that she's in her 50s! Amazing!) and...

2. The Puppy Bowl. Freaking awesome. So. Incredibly. Cute. And I loved how much they promoted and pet adoption. (This year's game belonged to Fumble!)

I wrapped it all up with an episode of Downton Abbey.

And I've made some leaps and bounds in my knitting, but I can't share any pictures of that, yet. Hope you all have enjoyed a Happy week!

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