Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hike #2- Eaton Canyon

For our second hike, Matt took us to Eaton Canyon, which is just a little bit North of Pasadena in a town aptly named Altadena.  The vegetation was similar to that of Griffith Park: mostly brush and shrubs with some interesting cactus here and there.  We didn't see many critters this time apart from a few lizards.  There were lots of bird sounds, but not too many visible birds (I am a little slow with the binoculars- by the time I get them out and adjust them and find the spot where I heard the call, the bird is usually long gone).

Mattt and I took the horse trail up towards Henniger Flats.  The total hike is 4 miles one way- but we did not go all the way there this time- we went about half way.  The horse trail is nothing but up.  It switches back and forth over the hill with no flat shady parts to catch your breath.  A good workout!  The view from the the top of the horse trail was pretty good- but since were not too familiar with that area, we weren't sure what we were looking at.  We think maybe it was Burbank.  We connected back with the main trail and took it back down.  It was so great seeing folks out and about with their dogs (there were a couple of yellow labs that Matt and I fell in love with).  

Next time, we want to take the opposite trail to the waterfall.  We saw pictures of it in the visitor's center and it looks well worth the trek! Here's the highlights of hike # 2:

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