Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pretty Aprons

Nothing makes me want to embrace my inner domestic goddess more than one of these frilly frocks from Anthropologie.  I am lucky enough to have one of my very own. My BFF Becca got me one for my last birthday.  (Thanks Becca!) It calls me to the kitchen, especially to bake! Which I am hooping to so more of as soon as the weather cools down a little bit. (The kitties get grouchy when we make the house too warm! So does Matt.)  My next baking venture is going to be a fluffy lemon bunt cake with a simple homemade icing drizzle.  Yum.  I better up my hikes to two times a week ;) Maybe I'll try my hand at making a pretty apron myself (you can never have too many, right?).  Of course, I'll have to try to figure out my sewing maching again (another shout out to Becca...want another student to tutor??) 

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