Monday, April 16, 2012

some good things about Los Angeles

I'll admit it... at times Los Angeles frustrates me. You know, the traffic, the phonies*, the fact that anywhere you want to go is already jam packed with much more eager/weatlhly/beautiful people!

But there are things about my adopted hometown that warms mi corazón... And every once in a while, usually when I am out and about under the bright blue sky, I remind myself that the city of angeles is a pretty special place. So, I made up a list of 10 things that I think are great about LA... and then I asked Matt what his 10 would be. And then I blogged about them. Pretty cool.

palm trees and clear skies outside my house

My List

1. the weather
2. great mexican food
3. inadvertently walking on to a movie set
4. recognizing my places on shows or commercials
5. art deco style
6. the vegetable man in the vegetable van
7. birthplace of all my baby kitties (Linus was technically Long Beach)
8. beaches, mountains, desert... all close by
9. the downtown library
10. its a multi-cultural mecca melting pot

Matt's List

1. home of the greatest basketball team ever
2. there are tar pits- complete with sinking mammoths!
3. the chicks are hot
4. myriad good bars
5. tons of music! in great venues... c'mon, the Hollywood Bowl?! The Wiltern. The Greek. El Rey.
6. running into celebrities (and seeing how short they are)
7. Pinks. Dodger Dogs. danger dogs
8. old Hollywood
9.  Randy Newman loves it here
10. sunshine, baby...  sun. shine.  all day... everyday.

*I am purposefully being Caufieldian...


  1. Loved this. I have a hate/love relationship with LA too.

    I agree, art deco is awesome.

    Don't forget about LA's rich literary history, too. Ray Bradbury, Charles Bukowski, and Raymond Chandler all were LA writers.

    1. Ah! Good one. I forgot about the writers. John Fante! And I could probably add amazing sunsets to that list as well...