Saturday, May 26, 2012

Open Range

You know how when you're driving out in the desolate backroads of southern Utah and you see these signs every few miles?

And you know how you keep driving? Chatting, singing, and gasping over your jaw-droppingly, dramatic, out-of-this-world surroundings? And then...  this happens?

And then you realize those signs were no joke! Of course, cattle, being domesticated and all, are not supposed to inspire great awe. But they did, in me at least. I would chalk it up to the decade plus of city living I've got under my belt, but I'd be lying if I said I was ever used to seeing a hundred cows hanging out on the highway... even when I was a country girl!

So we stopped, obviously, and let them do their thing for a while. Watching them mosey back and forth across the Interstate.

And there were babies! They were literally frolicking and playing with each other and giving each other kisses with their baby cow tongues! (I do not understand how anyone could see that and still decide to eat cows, but that is another topic for another post...)

And then we saw Big Daddy charge down the hillside. He was really going pretty swiftly, with those big horns bobbing up and down in the brush. He kind of got everyone else heading in the same direction and off they went.

And so did we. Mindful that we were still driving through their open range.

(ps- gotta love the camera's miniature setting once in a while!)

Happy Trails! 


  1. so lovely to come across animals unexpectedly like that.

    It's funny though, it reminds me of when we were in Orkney and there are signs everywhere telling drivers to look out for otters and we never saw otters in Orkney!

  2. Oh! I would love to see otters (but crossing the road?! That would be a strange sight!)

    On the same road trip as the one int he post, we also saw road signs warning up about Big Horned Sheep Crossing. We were so excited to see them, but, alas, they didn't show themselves. (Probably better though, I get nervous when animals are too close to roads!)