Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ren Faire

A weekend or two ago Matt and I spent a day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. We had both gone as youngsters, but never as adults. It was much how we remembered. The costumes, the food, the music, the merriment. It was all good fun! Truly, a positive vibe filled the place.  My favorite was the maypole!

Of course, there were wares to browse and songs to sing... and even elvish ears to be had-

and one of us ended up in the stockade...

We went to the adults-only section of the place and chimed in on bawdy songs... this one retells the sexual adventures of sailors aboard the good ship Venus-

Fun day in the sun! Gramercy, Matt, for taking me!


  1. Hey, I work part-time at Ren Faire! There's Bonnie & Clionel doing "Midsummer Night's Dream," Stork, Stu & John singing with the Poxy Boggards. Duckbilled Nippingshire is the environmental area of my guild, St. Helena's (although I don't appear to have been there that day, darn it; normally I'd be using my spinning wheel right below the sign). Sorry I missed you guys, not that i would have recognized you :-)

    1. Ha! What a small world! We really enjoyed the Ren Faire this year... the whole place seemed to be full of positive energy and people just wanting to have a good time! I love the crafts! I am sorry I missed you at your wheel, I am sure I would have been amazed!