Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dream Pig

I've been dreaming about pigs lately. Like, all night, every night. At first I didn't pay it much mind- I usually have pretty wild and vivid dreams. But then it got to be a little too consistent to ignore the pigginess of it all. Why on earth do I keep dreaming about pigs? Maybe it's because I met those adorable piglets on Craigie's Farm last week, or maybe it's because I'm obsessing on this sound designer that I heard of that has a show based around the life of one pig. Or maybe because of some other symbolic reason...

I turned to my trusty interwebs and did a quick search for the symbolic meaning of pigs in dreams. Site after site mentioned gluttony, filth and even chauvinism. Typical. Dream symbology is a bunch of hooey. Like we all have the same associations for the same things. I don't know a whole lot about my dream brain, but I can pretty much guarantee that I don't have any of these associations with pigs.

I get little lovey heart aches for pigs. I find them cute- even the big ol muddy ones! But more than that, I find them vulnerable. They are an animal that has been used (some may say abused) by humans since domesticity. We humans even play upon that vulnerability (Babe Charlotte's Web were both wildly popular) but don't change our actions or attitudes towards pigs.  

But am I dreaming about pigs because I think they are cute or because I feel protective of them for some reason? Am I just concerned for all pigdom? I'm going to keep thinking on this pressing topic for a while, and maybe I'll get back to you all.

In the meantime, I encourage you all to follow the advice from the image at the top of this post and Dream Pig! It was created by Nicolas J. Nawroth (a.k.a. the instigator of awesome) who totally summarized the feeling of my piggy dreams in his clean and cheerful design. You can check it out on his blog nSquaredDesign, or you can shop for it and his other great designs at his Zazzle shop.

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