Thursday, November 1, 2012

I spy...

Scotch wisky tasting

drying laundry

Linus going to the vet ...

an attempt to recreate the taste of home

old love.

monstrous illustrations

inspirational messages

examples of urban foraging

wild rose hips

stone cross in Duddingston

skittles at the Sheeps Heid Inn

fancy-dressed Halloween house partiers

beard removal

Matthew's classroom at night

St. Giles at night

vending machine in the ladies' loo

Old Dollar Bill


  1. I love seeing all your posts, Rianne, and trying to guess where you took at these pics!
    p.s. Your post to Matt below is so sweet and hilllarious!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Actually, the first picture is from the first time we met you at Drink Monger! And the St. Giles one if just the other night ;) The whisky flavored condoms (which sound just *lovely*) are at Whiski on the Royal Mile, which is also where we saw the band "Old Dollar Bill". The rest of the places you can probably guess... And thanks for reading my silliness. It's what happens when I don't have a regular schedule to keep!