Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cookie Party

There are a few foods that are way more fun to make than they are to eat... but sugar cookies fall into that category.  On Christmas day, My brother, Mary, Matt and I had ourselves a little cookie party. It was the first time any of us had decorated cookies in ages, and it brought back all kinds of fun childhood memories (at least it did for me!). After we decorated our stars, trees, angels, snowmen and bells, we assigned each new masterpiece a title: Big Dot Bell, Swirl Angel, Beardman, Stars n' Stripes, Clyde & co. 

A while my post is quite tardy, and I am trying to avoid indulging in parties of the sugar-cookie type these days, it was a happy night and deserves a spot on my happy blog. (Although I hear the night might be immortalized in another way... as Fancy Snowman may still be on display!)


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