Sunday, March 13, 2011


Spent the weekend with friends on a mini vacation and relearned how to play dominos --now I am hooked. My pops is going to give me a set of his (since he has more than one) and, with practice, I shall master addition basics so that I never have to count the pips again! 


  1. Being something of a domino master, I could teach you - give you a few pointers. One of my most famous moves (which you are not ready for yet, but in time... maybe), is fooling opponents into thinking I am lost and confused and a poor player. By taking an exhorbenent amount of time to make a move, I lull the other players into a frustrasted and comatose-like state. Then, it's


  2. tricky... you should add 'accidently' getting 25 points and not noticing to your hustle.