Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring at Ikea

Yes, Ikea is full of particle-board dorm furniture, but it also carries all kinds of perky stuff to spiff up your place.  These things will not survive generations, but they can liven up your garden for a few seasons (I'm looking at you pastel garden trellis!) or add a little sparkle to your back yard (a la solar powered paper lanterns).  As I have neither garden or backyard, I think I am leaning towards buying the cute rolling market bag-- and maybe kitching up my powder room with a bouquet of fake tulips.

All items above are  on the new products page on the Ikea website. And any Ikea execs wishing to pay me for this endorsement should feel free to contact me personally! 


  1. Lovely things!

    I love Ikea and go there pretty much once a week, it always cheers me up to browse around for some reason!

  2. Thanks Mai- Browsing about Ikea can be a fun way to spend an afternoon, but it can be a total madhouse some days!