Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy 10 by Cheri

10. Copper (aka, Copper Top)

9. Ebony (aka. Ebers, Ebs, Big Butt, Snoozy Suzie)

8. Grace (aka, Garcie, Grapie, the Grape)

 7. Archie (aka, Archer, Archibald, Narchin-narch, Archeletta, Sneaky Pete)

6. Greta (aka, Greta Garbo, Greta Girl, In the Gret-toh, Wild One)

5. Tilly (aka, Tillers, Old Girlie) 

4. Sherman (aka, Shermanator, Shermie, Nates, Nater, Ginger Gator)

3. Patches (aka, Patty, Patty B, Mouth)

2. Sam (aka, Sampson, Sam n' Neggs, Neggs, Sammy, Sam-I-Am, Sammers, Salmon, Sam Malone, Wham, Sammy Boy, Handsome Sam)

1. Auggie (aka, Aug, Aggendawg, Auggers, Egg Nog, Nog, Noggers, Nog-n-dog)

Thanks Cheri, (mom), for such a Happy list! I don't think there was a whole lot of thought put into it... (since when I asked you to participate, you said "10 Happy Things? I have 10 dogs...done!") but there is a TON of love (and work, and patience, and doggie kisses!). [For those of you unaware, my parents rescue, foster & place dogs in forever homes--which sometime end up being their own!]

If you'd like to make up your Happy 10 list, and post it on Dreams & Happy Things, please read this post. It tells you how (and why). Believe me, it's fun, and it helps spread the happy around!

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