Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry Summers

Summer is captured in a sweet, festive berry-

The strawberry is humble and fun, bright and earthy...

But cleans up nice and can be quite fancy...

...and gooey

...and pretty
...and refreshing

...and classic.
Grandma's cookie jar! (Grandma loved strawberries too!)

I've long had a thing for Strawberries-- as a youngin' I loved this girl:

Course, when I knew her she looked more like this-
...and less like this. Oh, time changs everything !

My room wasn't this decked out in Strawberry Shortcake decor, but pretty close to it.

I had those curtains, and that sleeping bag!
Maybe it's time to revisit my love for this cute red berry, and make this little hat! 

Buy one like it on Etsy
...or go get my nails did like this!

or host a strawberry-tastic brunch!

Where I could serve this! The most amazing strawberry shortcake I have ever seen!!!

Recipe for Strawberry Short Snake
Hope you're having a Berry delicious summer!

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  1. Is that 5th to last photo from the highly under appreciated, soarly missed 90's sitcom Small Wonder? I think the specific episode was called "Sleep Over Secrets".