Friday, July 6, 2012

Beer Bread

Ahhh! Beer bread. That rustic food that combines the yeasty taste of bear with the... yeasty taste of bread. I must admit, I do love the carb-laden treat. My grandma used to bake up a loaf of it once in a while when I was young. I made some last week and just the smell of it baking brought me back to her kitchen. I believe my version had quite a bit more butter than hers (nearly half a cup melted and poured on top of the raw dough, yikes!) But all that buttery richness crept down on to the edges and made the crust crispy.

Matt and I devoured it within a day or two. He has likely worked off all the extra calories already! Me? Not so much. I better go out on my run now, because I plan on making some caramel monkey bread later today!

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