Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We're effing moving... to Scotland.

Road Less Traveled

I remember the night Matt told me he wanted to move to Edinburgh. We were sitting on our little balcony in our old apartment. He told me he wanted to do something different with his life, something exciting, something out of his comfort zone. I was still in law school when we had this talk (and at the same time I was also very much over it).  Scotland sounded like a great adventure. And, of course, I was on board.

Soon after this discussion, we decided together that it would be best if we waited a year before making the move. Matt deferred his acceptance to the University of Edinburgh giving him lots of time to work things out with this job. I finished law school (and had a most fabulous reason for not taking the Bar... I mean, we were going to be moving! And yes, most people, including Matt, told me to take it anyway. But, I will when I get back... I promise ;) And we went on living in LA. Working, moving apartments, going on trips, buying groceries, taking the cats to the vet... you know, all the things you do when you live somewhere. All the while, knowing that our lives in Los Angeles had an expiration date... but not ever really getting it.

Now. Today. We got approved for our UK visas. (Excuse me one moment while I go do a happy dance...). Our possessions are in boxes or sold off to strangers. We've said our good-byes to most of our friends and families. And even the cats are getting a nervous look in their eyes.

Because we're effing moving... to Scotland.

What?! It's finally hitting us both. And we're still so giddy and excited. But it's hilarious for me to think back on the night on the balcony a year and a half ago, because it all seemed so abstract then. And while I never thought it was impossible (actually, kind of one of my strengths, I have this ability to think Matt and I can do anything...) I also didn't truly believe that we'd actually pull it off! But we did. Because we wanted it, and because we had a lot of support, and because we're awesome.

OK, we're not there yet, so everybody take a second to knock on wood to counterbalance my cockiness. But seriously, our ducks are in nice little rows, and... well... we're effing moving... and did I mention it's to Scotland?!


  1. i FEEL it for you! so excited!

  2. Hooray! I remember that day!
    Perhaps we should plan a blogger girl coffee date after you're settled?!

  3. Great news Rianne! My wife and I did the big move a few years ago ourselves- all sounds very familiar! Let us know if we can help.

    And for your first British expression here we say 'touch wood'!

    1. Thanks Sterling! I'll definitely be in touch... and I love the subtle differences in some of the sayings, can't wait to learn more!