Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Safety Net

Our insignificance is often the cause of our safety.  -Aesop


It's a lot easier to take a leap when there is a safety net in place to catch you. I don't always put one in place for myself... living more according to the old adage, "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it". And like any other major life change, moving to another country comes with a whole slew of possible pitfalls. If it were just Matthew and me doing this alone, we could probably find a quick remedy to most  of the more likely potential problems, but it is a tad more complicated that that since we come in a package deal with three cats.

We decided to move anyway, knowing that we would not have a great solution if we had to (or wanted to) return to the states quickly.

And then my parents put beneath us a safety net...

They purchased a 30' travel trailer and set it up on their property. They covered it for shade. They strung about it solar twinkle lights. It is all hooked up to their power and water. And the best thing... they added on to it a "kitty shack"- an accessible-inclosed-outdoor space where our three indoor kitties can go to hang out and watch birds and get some sun (in the photo above, it's the portion on the right with the bamboo screen).

And coincidence had it so that they purchased it on Matt's birthday and we moved in on my birthday- so they decorated accordingly!

We all settled in nicely, and the boys ended up making themselves at home quite quickly (and they love the kitty shack! I should have taken photos in there! They have ramps and scratchers, dragonfly lights and catnip bubbles, litter boxes and a big kitty fan!)

We've been comfy cozy staying in the trailer for the last 3 weeks. Since, in addition to being available for us should all 5 of us need to return to California, it's been our home since the end of July. Matt and I decided a while ago to leave the US from Northern California instead of Southern California since we knew we would need help before we left-- storing our things, getting organized, and being sent off-- the kind of things my parents help with without us even having to ask. (By the way, if anyone out there is planning an international move without the aid of an employer, I highly recommend enlisting some friends or family to help see you off- for us, the most logical duo to call upon were my folks, and I don't think we could have managed to get through the last few hurdles without them!)

And while I know this little trailer will see other inhabitants- my bother and his kitty family already tried it out to rave reviews- I also know how lucky we are that my folks went to such great lengths to welcome us to our home, temporary as it may be. They even dragged out my "Welcome Home Rianne" banner they have made in 1997! (after my return from a year in Spain). And underneath that beauty of a sign, there is another... a bit harder to see, but equally sweet!

And, they didn't forget the furry trio, as they boys got their own welcome light!

We might miss the little trailer once we are living across the pond, and it is a very comforting thought that it is here- cat proofed and all- if and when we need to call it home again!

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