Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The tail end of the Fringe

Matt and I arrived in Edinburgh during its busiest and most festive month, August. This city hosts a month long festival for the arts, music, poetry, comedy, books, and more. Unfortunately, we came when there were only 4 festival days remaining, but we made the most of them. We saw several amazing bands, some of which were playing on street corners. At the Guildford Arms, we heard "Yard of Ale" and "F.C. Ukulele"-- both amazing! We also laughed our arses off watching the University of Edinburgh's Graduate Student Comedy Club perform stand up at a pub in Grassmarket. We saw fireworks and even caught a glimpse of the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo as they marched by us as midnight.

Here are a few highlights. Can't wait for next year when we get a full month of this!

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