Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aimee's Cabin

My friend Aimee has a little cabin in South Lake Tahoe. It is the perfect place to stay! It is in a cute little neighborhood, great for walking about and easy access to the action in Tahoe- Hevenly and state line is just down the street.  The cabin itself has all the necessities for a great friendly get together- a kitchen to cook in, games and movies, cozy places to sit and read and chat and a super powerful heater!

Aimee has opened up her cabin to us before and each visit is so much fun. This time, we really took advantage of the cabin as our home base, spending all but one night in.  We cooked and lounged about, played cards had a few marathon sing-alongs (Frank and Matt rocked the party on that). I did a bit of knitting and Aimee read all about Madeline Albright.  Good times!

So thanks Aimee! We couldn't have gone without you and your hospitality! You are a great friend and your Tahoe cabin is a happy and special place! I can't wait to go again!!  :)

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  1. Good times at the Cabin Fitzgerald. Aimee is such a great host and I hope we can make this a yearly meeting place for friends.