Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Snowman

In the spirit of doing all things childlike and silly, Matthew and I made a snowman together. Isn't Mr. Redbuttons the most handsome snowman you have seen in years?! We had a blast forming and shaping his body and searching the cabin's yard for appropriate decorations. Matthew found some fantastic twig arms and little red stones perfect for buttons. I added the carrot nose and the pine needle smile, and the scarf (which I took back and then actually felt a little guilty- he looked... cold without it!). 

Here he is, all finished and happy:

Mr. Redbuttons poses with his makers:

Mr. Redbuttons hangs outside as we get warmed up in the cabin:

1 comment:

  1. Ah, you me and Mr. Redbuttons. We had such a bond for those few short days. It is a shame he had leave us. I can still see him now:
    Waving to us from the yard, pulling a tophat out of his worn suitcase, and giving us a loving wink as he walked off into the woods. Cheers to you, Buttons, and happy gosh darn New Year!