Thursday, December 30, 2010

Puppy Love

One of the best things about visiting my parents is that every visit is full to the brim with restorative dog therapy! Here, Matt and I are in a super puppy snuggle with Archie and Greta, both recent rescues who will be looking for their forever homes shortly.  In the meantime, they are getting healthy and acclimated to humans (does it look like just a week earlier the 2 month old puppy was running alone on a rural mountain road, and the pretty girl was skin and bones running feral in Covelo?! The are so at home now!)  

This picture was taken by my dad, who was looking for the baby (it was breakfast time) and had to capture the moment of super cuteness.  I'm glad he did, because now we'll always have something to remember these two precious pups. I wish I could give them their forever home! But I know my parent will make sure they get great ones and that they will get to enjoy their lives with lots of love and happiness!!

Beautiful Greta, Adorable Archie, Matt with the big guns, and me, in a morning cuddle!

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