Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'd Like to Wear Hats!

I want to wear more hats.  It is one of those things that I put off... like, one day, when I am fancy, I'll wear hats. Well, in my attempt to stop putting off doing the things I find fabulous, I am resolving... right now... to wear more hats.

So, I must dig in my closet- I know I have two hats in there that I'd like to wear. One is a dark red color and has a simple brim all around, the other is a cross between a tweedy army hat and a ball cap. And then, there's my sock hats...I am sure I have one or two of them amidst my scarves.

I just bought a new hat online- which is a scary thing to do since hats can look so good in a picture but so bad on your head! I really liked this one though- and the price was right! I got it in dark brownish-green.

So that is where I will start on my new hat wearing trend.  Because hats are great! Hats say something about a person that no other clothing can say.  And, really, when you wear a hat don't you feel special? Like, this day is different than all the days you don't wear hats?! So, maybe, to have more special days, all I have to do is wear hats more often! If I stick with it, I might have to expand my hat collection to include some of the classics, like:

A pillbox or a cloche...

Or a hats for garden luncheons or church,

Or maybe even a beret...

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  1. I got my hat in the mail today... and I am so disappointed! It makes me look like Robin Hood! (Not that there's anything wring with that, it just wasn't the look I was going for). I should always try hats on before purchasing!