Saturday, September 1, 2012

Earthy in Edinburgh

While flat hunting, Matt and I stumbled across Earthy, a market and cafe on the southeast side of Edinburgh. It's a wonderful place! Loads of healthful local produce, organic grains and eco-friendly products for the home and body! Our kind of place. And, the prices didn't seem much different than the mainstream market.

I managed to get out of there with only one bag full of groceries- knowing that I'll return once we are settled into our permanent home to stock up on all kinds of hippy-dippy goodness!

The entrance is pretty darn cute. With messages about today's local produce and cafe specials...

...and a little nursery with locally grown plants!

But the inside is even cuter- with lots of natural light, and bags and tissue hanging from the ceiling. 

We browsed, taking note of what to get next time:

We left with a bag of dry beans, tomatoes, potatoes and other local veggies.

And I am currently making our dinner! Our flat is filled with the smell of bubbling vegetable soup... which I am about to add this lovely organic cabbage!


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