Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Change of color...

A few days ago I snapped a picture of Edinburgh Castle (well, part of Edinburgh Castle) as a silhouette against a fiery sunset. The picture was pretty dramatic (not due to any of my skills mind you, just because castles and sunsets ooze drama!) But, I got to playing with the colors of original picture and I ended up with a few others that I liked for various reasons. All I used here was the simplest editing tools on iPhoto- I can't wait to learn how to use PhotoShop so I can really play around with images! (And its about time, since Matt got it for me last Christmas.)  Anyway, here they are... what do you think? 

1. The Original- no trickery here. Just pointing and clicking... Pretty nice, I think.

2. Total saturation- I liked this one because it looks fake and fantastical, and when I see it I start to come up with stories in my head about a imprisoned sorceress casting enchantments so potent that the skies turn into water and fire!

3. Sepia- This one makes me think of Wuthering Heights... I don't know why, really, since that story takes place so clearly on the moors, not rocky hilltop, but the colors evoke a Heathcliff kind of mood in me. Romantic, violent, passionate, and haunting... 

4. Black & White- Makes me think of Dracula. Maybe not the most imaginative association, but black & white is classic for a reason (as is Dracula, for that matter!) This one feels stark and lonely and quiet... and a bit ominous.

Do the simplest of color changes make you see a totally different picture too? I am sometimes surprised how just looking at something in a different light can change it's whole story to me.

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