Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bohemian Home

To me, an ideal home is full of happy things- things that tell stories.  I love the idea of each part of a home having history... the painting given as a wedding gift, shelves that were once part of an old barn, a table that was once Aunt Fifi's, the blanket purchased on the side of the highway in New Mexico.  The most boring homes are the ones where everything is picked out of the same catalogue, or furniture store, at once. Where's the fun in that?! My home now is far from my ideal, but these examples below show what I'm talking about in a big way!

Don't they all look like the homes of interesting people?!


  1. Interesting, indeed.

    Looks like the homes of people you would want to invite to a wine and cheese party and ask them about all their wonderful travels to far away lands, and talk to them about the pot-bellied pig they just adopted or the owl they rescued from a nearby barn who they had to nurse back to health after a near fatal raven attack. The kind of people with whom, as the first rays of sun peek through the window, you could co-create a story about a fantastical land, where a wonderful, whimsical society live in peace and harmony with nature and give back to their land as much, if not more, than what they take from it... you know?

  2. My thoughts exactly, my anonymous friend.