Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Children's Books: The Rainbow Goblins

When I was visiting my folks, my dad had me go through a box of my old children's books (he's been very patient in saving them for me...I insist that one day I'll want them all back!).  I brought a handful of them to Los Angeles with me, and it is such a trip rereading them! These are all stories that I read a thousand times (a thousand years ago), and some of the illustrations spark my memory in such a way that I swear I am 7 years old again!

One of my favorites is a book called "The Rainbow Goblins".  It is a magical (and slightly creepy) story about goblins that capture rainbows and suck all the color out of them.  The goblins are thwarted by the flowers-- who help the rainbows by drowning the goblins in colors, and then are turned into beautiful birds... It begins:

"Once there was a land that lived in fear of seven goblins. They were called the Rainbow Goblins and each had his own colour, which was also his name: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Yellow, being the craftiest, was their chief. The goblins lived on colour -- they prowled the valleys and climbed the highest mountains looking for rainbows, and when they found one, they caught it in their lassoes, sucked the colours out of it and filled their bellies with its bright liquid."

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