Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Fine Evening

One evening while I was staying in London, I had dinner with myself at a fine, albeit touristy, pub on Charing Cross Road. I sat upstairs at the Porcupine Pub, ordered my drink and my dinner, and divided my wait between people watching, gleefully soaking in the British atmosphere, and reading my book (which at the time happened to be Pride & Prejudice and Zombies…good fun and a perfect fit for my evening... don't you just love it when you are reading the right book at the right time and place?!).

For some reason unknown to me, my dinner order took a very long time. I didn’t mind, if fact I hadn't really noticed until it was brought to my attention. To compensate, the waiter/bartender brought me a bottle of wine! I thanked him, but told him I could not possibly drink it myself! (even though I probably could have). He must have predicted just that response, because he pulled another glass out from behind his back and poured me, and then himself a glass. So charming and funny!

We toasted and chatted for a moment. We enjoyed the wine (it was divine!) He was from Italy, as was the wine… so we talked about that. And maybe because the waiter kind of looked like him, or maybe because its my habit whenever I am in the company of dark and handsome men,  I began to think of Matthew. He would love the Porcupine. He would have loved the wine! He would have even tolerated my swarthy waiter. Oh well! I'll just have to tell him all about it when I'm stateside :)  My waiter and I finished our glasses. He poured me another and then went back to work and I went back to my book.

(I took this photo discretely, in the low lit bar with my iPhone, just to remind myself of the great book, the great wine, and the great time I had dining 'alone' that night.)

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