Thursday, September 15, 2011

Honeymoon Boogie Memories

Our honeymoon to the Virgin Islands was almost two years ago, but it was such a  Happy time that I love to go back there in my memories. The best thing about my hubby-- other than his sweetness, his smarts, his sense of humor and his rockin' bod-- is  his playfulness. He makes everything more fun! And this post remembers how he made a really fun day, even more fun. Silly, dorky, lovey, Happy, fun! 

It looks like Matt is giving me a little smooch, but he's really whispering, "let's take turns dancing on that wooden platform overlooking the sea!"

First me- Look at these moves!

then Matt tears it up!

 OK, then we danced together for a while, explored the rest of the vista point and then got a few well deserved rounds of rummy drinks at the bar at the bottom of the hill... and yes, we're sitting in swings!

+PS- the matching t-shirts is another story for another day (but I assure you, there is a story!)


  1. For me, those groovy moves all started with my sweet shoes!

    Remember all the Mind Erasers?

    And Mamma Hendleys herb and spices rub?

    And the BVA?



  2. Oh yes! I forgot our trip to Foot Locker just hours before these photos were taken! Huh- mighta looked even better with your snazzy dress shoes :)

    Lets go back one day.