Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things to look forward to in September

1. Matt & Corinne's wedding in Massachusetts
2. Exploring Amhurst and surrounding areas
3. Seeing Emily Dickinson's House
4. Coming home to my babies!
5. Getting in lots of dog love & seeing my folks
6. The increasing health of my family!
7. Visiting old friends
8. Swimming with Greta in the Lake
9. Trip planning with mama
10. Remembering the 94th
11. Working in the garden
12. Visiting with Pat & Bonnie
13. Kissing on Sam so much he growls
14. Time in SF with my favorite peeps
15. Visiting Weggie and meeting JB
16. Playing obscure German board games
17. Scales, and a piano & Ukulele jam
18. Knight Bus
19. Shakespeare in the park
20. CSM, part 2. More pics and, finally, it's own post!
21. Folsom St. Fair... oh yeah!
22. Ren Faire
23. Walking to see the Bison in Golden Gate Park
24. Flying kites on the beach
25. Trip planning with J & M
26. Reading- lots to read!
27. Matt's performance (hearing all about it?)
28. Matt's visit with Sissy
29. Coming home to my babies again 

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