Sunday, July 29, 2012

Leaving our Lady of Angels

LA Love

LA has been home. For a while... a long while. For Matt, it's been home pretty much always. And like most places we humans call "home", LA is a real character. She's a bitch to get along with sometimes. She's full of bad traffic, and crowded everything. She's not the most intellectual, or most attentive. Sometimes she's so wrapped up in her own drama that it's easy to get sucked into it and think she's the only place in the world. But she's also really easy to love. She's warm and has a beautiful sunny disposition. She's a little zany, and whimsical, and just about anything goes. She doesn't really judge- (unless you are old, or fat or poor, but even then, her judgements are only that you are, indeed, those things). She's industrious in one of the most lucrative and yet creative industries. She's popular. And, she's so much FUN! She's always up for a night out or a brainstorming pow-wow or a movie premiere or a walk through the hills or a day at the beach or some high-brow shopping or a spin through the central market or ... just-have-your-people-call-my-people-and-arrange-something!

And now we're leaving her. Her sunshine. Her crowds. Her lack of seriousness. Her totally unique sense of style. And it's a little sad. So, in the midst of all our tying up of loose ends, we have taken moments here and there, over the last few days, so say good bye to our girl.

We spent an evening hanging out on a private beach at a Malibu mansion (yeah, lucky break... we got hooked up!)

And we said farewell to Hollywood...

Although, truth be told, our Hollywood looked a bit more like this:

We had picnic dinners at home with friends, after we took advantage of the glorious weather and played around Santa Monica

A little stop in here...

We ran some important errands on the West side, near our old neighborhood,

and Matt had a Jewish deli feast at Juniors on Westwood. After he stuffed himself with hot pastrami on rye, latkes, pickles, cole slaw, knish, kraut and a Dr. Brown's Black Cherry Soda (and a bite of my eggless egg salad sandwich), we made our way back to Downtown...

And the freeway gods smiled upon us, allowing us swift passage...

We stopped by Matt's office, and the whole gang was there to wish us well! 

And we devoured this cake!
It was so sweet. Not the cake...well that was sweet too, but the send off party. I can tell these guys are going to miss Matt! Especially the boss ;)

Then, we headed back to our apartment. Started loading up the Penske and took stock of what was left to do. And we said goodbye to the neighborhood strays (with a little Whiska's feast). This girl is preggers... for, like, the third time in the last year. I know, I know... 

We have one more night in LA. We're mostly loading up the truck and finding spots of the last remaining odds and ends, but we just might make a quick run to one of LA's most famous chow spots. But more mention of that later, if we actually make it.

We are going to miss LA. We might even come back to her one day... but for now, Adios mi Ángel, like, totally.


  1. I feel the same way about L.A. And I'm going to miss you guys, wish we hung out more, I would have really put my foot down on that if I knew you were leaving =(

    Anyway, take care and when you get internet again in Scotland, you have to start posting again!

    1. Me too, Ben! You'll have to come hang out with me in Scotland! And I'll definitely post more in Scotland! And you post too, I'll keep checking on your blog as well. Take care and happy writing!

  2. Very much looking forward to your updates! My husband and I aspire to move to Scotland as well (from Midwest USA) and are having a devil of a time finding info one what exact cost of living will be like. For example, do you have to pay heat, water, etc. on rental properties? What does council tax work out to be?
    If you would be willing to, an exact breakdown of monthly living expenditures (rent, utilities, food, taxes, etc.) would be tremendously helpful to aspiring expats.
    Best of luck!

  3. Thanks so much! I will certainly post more about the logistics of being an expat in Scotland, so keep checking back. (We don't actually arrive in Edinburgh until the 3rd week of August, though.) I hope to share anything thats interesting and/or useful (or just fun). Good lick to you and your hubby! I hope you guys make it across the pond. And if you ever want to message me privately, please feel free to do so!