Sunday, November 7, 2010

Animal Acres: Thankful Turkey Celebration 2009

Its almost Thanksgiving, which means it is almost time for Animal Acres Annual Thankful Turkeys Celebration. It is one of my most favorite days of the year! When else can you rub a pigs belly, get kissed by a cow, feed a turkey by hand, make goat friends, meet wonderful people, enjoy a delicious feast and raise money for a most excellent cause?!?!  If you have not gone already, and you are near LA, I can't encourage you to go enough! Matthew and I went for  the first time last year and I don't intend on missing it from now on.  This year I am especially excited because I get to go with new friends! If you want to go, you can find out more about it (including time, date and directions) and buy tickets at this link:

Here are our highlights from last year's celebration:

Animal Acres is a magical place- where a few great people work very hard to ensure that everyone there, the animals and the human guests, are welcomed, loved and oh so happy!  I saw one little girl fall to her knees and exclaim with such sincerity, "I love this piggy!!" as she gave Jumper, one of Animal Acres youngest pigs, a great big hug.

Matthew really bonded with the cows.  He gave them scratches, rubs, nuzzles and even a few kisses! I had to keep my eye on him and Kahlua, the pretty brown-eyed girl... they were getting very lovey-dovey!

Back to the pigs...  I couldn't get enough of the pigs!  It was too funny to rub their bellies, they were in heaven!

The main event: the feeding of the turkeys. Of course, nobody could deny the chickens, ducks and geese the opportunity to join in the feast.  The kids started it off, by giving out handfuls of cranberries, salad, pumpkin and corn to our feathery friends.  Soon, all us grown-ups joined in and we didn't stop until the birds had their fill! I never knew just how loving a turkey could be-  a mid-sized white turkey found me and was much more interested in getting pets and loves than snacks.  

After the guests of honor, the turkeys and their other barn-yard friends, had their dinner-- it was time for us to enjoy the fabulous vegan feast!  It was so yummers, that even folks who do eat meat (gasp!) went up for seconds!

With everyone at Animal Acres happy and full, it was time to say our good-byes.  It was a fabulous day and I can not wait to return to reacquaint myself with all of my wonderful friends!

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