Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tom Yum Soup

In case I haven't made it clear enough with my other posts and my incessant whining to anyone who will listen, I have a cold.  And of course, when you have a cold, you must eat soup.  I am not a chicken noodle kind of girl- first off, because I don't eat chicken and secondly, because what I crave most when I am sick is citrus and spice.  Tom Yum soup, one of Thailand's most beloved dishes, hits the spot perfectly.  It's overly powerful lime and lemon grass flavors coupled with the hot chili and other herbs and veggies is exactly what I need to clear the sinuses!  Traditionally, Tom Yum is made with chicken or seafood, but I find that like many other Thai dishes, it is pretty easy to ask for a vegetarian version with tofu as the protein.  I quickly looked online for a recipe, and while it doesn't look too hard to make, it does have quite a long list of ingredients- some of which I don't keep around the house.  So, instead of making the soup for myself, I might try to convince Matt to walk across the street to our favorite little Thai restaurant and bring it home as take-out.  I bet it would make me feel soooo much better, and feeling better would make me happy.  What do you say, Matt... please?! 

One day I might try out this recipe...but not today-


  1. Also what can help a cold is a nice walk in the fresh air. When you get out and move it can really help to clear your sinuses and stop the aches.

  2. Fine. I'll do it myself- but I'll remember this the next time you get sick!