Monday, November 1, 2010

Carpet Bags

Lately I have been wanting an old fashioned carpet bag.  I love the thick material and the intricate patterns.  Most of them are large enough to function as a weekend bag or to carry a lap top.  And of course, a carpet bag would be perfect for all my new knitting supplies! How granny-chic is that?!  Gathering the pictures for this post I saw all kinds of carpet bags for sale, and I was surprised (and a little bummed) to see that most of them are well over $200! There are exceptions, like the little number on the bottom left, but that one is significantly smaller than most of the bags I've seen.  One good things about the happy blog though, is that price doesn't matter. 


  1. I want the blue one! Looks like a lot of them have leather handles :(

  2. Yeah, I noticed the leather handles too-- but since this is the Happy blog (and not the realistic one) I just tell myself that they are pleather! I bet all cloth ones would be easier to find than pleather ;)

    The blue one was the least expensive. About 40 bucks (I estimate). Here is the website it is from

  3. So, can I order a carpet bag? If so, where do I go to order one?

  4. Hi Arlene- I made this post over a year ago when this blog was only about a month old... and back then I didn't link very well to my sources- I didn't really know how! So sorry that I don't have a way for you to find these particular bags, but if you do a google search for carpet bags I am sure you will find many like these (and maybe these exact ones!) Now a days I know better and when I post things I find for sale online, I always include where to go to buy one.

    I do see in one of my previous comments though that I put a link to one of the bags, you can see if this leads you somewhere-

    Polka Dot Gifts


  5. You may want to check out the Hannah and Lily collection on They have some awesome cut velvet handbags.