Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daisy Chains

I have been feeling a little sentimental lately.  It's getting closer to the holiday season, I miss my family, school stress is settling in for finals and I just got over a cold.  All of this makes me think of pretty carefree times (or at least, that's how I choose to remember certain days from the past).  I have also been thinking a lot about my friend Marisa- one of my hometown girls who is coping with a great loss.

I remember the day Marisa and I became friends.  I am sure we knew each other prior to this afternoon (small town and all) but knowing one another and forging a friendship are very different things.  We were in high school- and it must have been lunch time (or else we were cutting class) and we went to the park- just the two of us.  The park in Ukiah has a pool and a giant rocket to climb... well it seems giant when you are a kid, I have seen it recently and I think it must have shrunk! It also has a large uninterrupted grassy area with a few shady trees.  Marisa and I laid on the grass beneath one tree and talked.  And as we talked we made daisy chains.

I had made them before, as had she, but for some reason that moment stuck out in my memory and now I always associate the pretty delicate circle of flowers with Marisa.  Daisies are prefect friend flowers- they make me think of laughter and smiles, youth and ease.  They are humble and sweet and pretty.  They are also very happy.

I'd like to go back to the park with Marisa and talk and laugh and see if we can still make daisy chains.  It's been way too long since I have put flowers in my hair! 

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