Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleeping with Stories...& Artist Unknown

Before I go to sleep I think about where I want to go in my dreams.  I imagine fantastical places- full of wonder and peace and beauty.  Sometimes, my pre-dreams thoughts are as simple as a walk through a meadow full of fragrant blooms, or even the layout of a tidy and comfy home full of charming nooks and lovely things.  Other times, I build on an elaborate story that I am trying to piece together.  

My pre-dream thoughts rarely dictate my actual dreams, which are still bizarre and slightly disturbing in the way that only dreams can be. But I enjoy the ritual.  It is my way of clearing my mind of all the real sensory input it has accumulated throughout the day- the work load, the television, the news- and preparing for sleep.

Reading before bed helps me do this (or listening to Matt read, rather).  Especially when we read wonderful books that take us into a fantasy.    

This post was inspired by this lovely piece of art that I found online.  I have searched but I cannot find the artist.  It looks like there might be a signature on the bottom left hand side, but I cannot make it out.  Regardless of who painted it, I simply love it.  I assume that the books this girl is snuggled under are full of wonderful stories (it just wouldn't be the same if I pictured them full of legal cases or tax codes- the horror!) If anyone knows of this artist, or how to find him or her, I'd love to know.  I'd like to thank the artist for combining two of my favorite things- sleeping and stories- into one simple and serene scene.

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