Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whimsical Wellies!

Yesterday it rained- which is not something that happens regularly in sunny Southern California.  I spent yesterday on a farm, a farm animal sanctuary, actually.  This is also something that doesn't happen regularly.  Rain + Farm = Mud!  There was lots of puddles and muddy walkways- my beat up sneaker didn't stand a chance. I needed some wellies! Some modest, practical, fun-loving wellies!

Lots of people wore wellies to the farm yesterday, including the friend that I went with.  Hers were black and had a couple of straps near the top with made them extra cute.  And while my friend was still quite cold and wet from the rain and the wind, those boots kept her feet dry!

Not only do wellies score high points for function, they also say something about their wearer.  A person who wears wellies is ready to get dirty.  They are doing yard work. They are stomping in mud puddles.  They are the folks running to catch their bus who are not afraid to get their shoes wet. They are the people in the picture below who have found a spot to enjoy an outdoor music festival.

And wellies come in so many colors and patterns- from standard black to the boldest florals.  There are so many choices- too many almost! I think that is why I have yet to buy a pair.  Do I want black? Or hunter green?  Yellow polka-dots? Plaid? Rainbow flowers? How do I choose?  If I lived in a rainier place, I would want a closet full- but in LA, if I need them at all, I really only need one pair. Decisions, decisions... Hmmmm- this girl looks pretty happy with her red ones!

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