Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gyspy Soup

Last Saturday night, Marisa made me the most delicious soup form a recipe out of the Moosewood cookbook.  It was spicy and hearty and vegetarian! Its called Gypsy soup and it hit the spot on a cool evening after our walk on the bluffs.  We paired it with some bread and triple cream cheese and more than one bottle of wine- and had a great night talking and laughing and remembering and confessing.  It was an old fashion girl's night in! And I can't wait to do it again, soup and all!

I wasn't smart enough to take a picture of the actual soup that Marisa made (which turned out lovely!) so I found one online.  This picture is from another blog (I have provided the link above).  If you want to make this soup and don't have the Moosewood cookbook, follow the link for the recipe and more pictures.

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