Sunday, October 24, 2010

Linus & his Scarf

Well, I have completed one knitting project- and it’s a scarf for Linus! I am sure he’s going to love it- you know how popular scarves are with cats this season ;)  It is blue, to complement his beautiful blue-grey coat.  For the winter, he can use it to stay warm in this freezing Southern California weather, but in the summer, I might have to alter the scarf for another purpose.  Linus turns 13 this June, he’s becoming a man! So, this humble scarf may have to transform into a tallit for his bar mitzvah! A few white tassels on the end, maybe an appliquéd Star of David… The wheels are turning!

Sorry these photos are so bad- Linus actually really hates his scarf! And he wouldn't sit still or look at the camera while wearing it.  I think he finds the whole thing ridiculous! Just wait until I make him booties!!

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  1. I can't fix my font on this post! It's huge! (Like Linus)