Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walk For Farm Animals

On September 23rd, Matt and I laced up our sneakers and joined 150 other folks in Santa Monica for the annual Walk for Farm Animals.  The walk raises money and awareness for an organization called Farm Sanctuary, which has rescue sites in both New York and California.  Farm Sanctuary not only helps with the hands on rescue and rehabilitation of hundreds of animals raised for human consumption, they also work to save hundreds of thousands more, through legislation, education and community outreach.  Its a great cause to support!

Our walk was full of great energy.  These folks are loving and understanding towards various lifestyles- the founder even gave a speech before we set out about not forcing our way of life down the throats of others.  He wants our message to be received willingly and suggests that by living peacefully and by giving information to those who request it, we can make the biggest change for animals. (although, I did feel a little awkward when we were all stopped at a red light in front of an Arby's- it did not seem to be the happiest place to be at 10:30 on a Saturday morning by the looks on the faces of the three people in there...).

All in all, it was a lovely morning.  Matt and I ate vegan food, heard a few inspirational speakers, met fellow animal lovers, donned our snazzy Walk for Farm Animals t-shirts and hit the streets of sunny Santa Monica.  Looking forward to next year's walk already!

And thank you so much for our friends who sponsored us this year! Frank, Stan, Claudia & Lilly-- you guys made all the difference!! And a great big thank you to you too, Matt, for being the best boy ;)

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