Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pick me up flowers

(Warning: The following post is pretty sappy:)

10 Years ago today, my friend Becca took me to a Halloween party. I was new to town and really didn't any of the people that Becca had befriended who would be at the party. I'm pretty happy I went though, since it was there (at Loren and Jenny's place) on October 31, 2000 that I met my Matty boy.

And now he's my hubby, and a thumpin' good one at that! In fact, last Thursday I had told him that I was having a rough day and on his way home from work he got me a few "pick-me-up" flowers.  One was large and strange and really cool, the others were electric blue and pink and quite beautiful.  Both did their job- I immediately felt better...not just because I got flowers, but because I'm so lucky to have someone do such sweet things for me.

So thanks Matthew, for the pretty flowers, and for everything else! You've made the last 10 years good ones and I look forward to spending the years to come with you.
The weird flower- I love it! Anyone know its name??
Pretty in (blue and) pink

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