Monday, October 11, 2010

Where Tartan is King!

Ode to Tartan!

I never called it tartan,
I only called it plaid-
And didn’t know of uses
Except for flannels worn by J & dad.

But then a lady named Minerva
Used this fabric for her cloak
So I gave tartan another look
Because Minerva, she’s good folk!

But my true love for tartan
Didn’t fully bloom
Until I traveled to its homeland
O’ve this last past June

The lovely land of Scots
Is covered in lines and checks
Even the seats on city buses
Oh yes, indeed, both decks!

Its all around in clothing
That clads both gals and guys
From pipes to kilts and cozies
It’s a stay true source of pride.

But to me it just seems homey
So charming and so warm-
Perfect for a picnic
Or to use to cuddle doon!

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