Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inns of Court

An exclusive school? In Britian? Steeped in tradition? Separated into four houses?
Is it Hogwarts??

No... it's the Inns of Court

The Inns of Court in London are the professional associations to one of which every barrister in England and Wales must belong. They have supervisory and disciplinary functions over their members. The Inns also provide libraries, dining facilities and professional accommodation. Each also has a church or chapel attached to it and is a self-contained precinct where barristers traditionally train and practice.                                           

The Inns of Court are old.  The early records of all four Inns of Court have been lost, and it is not known precisely when each was founded. Records go back to the mid 14th century.
I got to visit last June when I studied IP law in London.  I really enjoyed it there! It is one of the very few things, if not only thing, law related that will make it to virtual happy place. (Extra factoid: Harry Potter movie wrap parties have been held at Temple Inn).

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