Friday, July 22, 2011

Cake, Kitty, Milton & Magic

Just a hodgepodge post with the highlights of this week...


This is my lovely, lop-sided cake. Basic yellow cake, with strawberries baked in, and a blueberry & cream cheese filling. I thought it helped my co-workers get over that 3 pm slump, but really it only gave everyone a sugar rush that, when over, caused the office to crash and get really tired... cake! 


Oh, Obie! You're so darn handsome, posing there against your little pillow. I just want to smoosh you and kiss your face! But why, sweet kitty, can't you do this at night? Instead of your constant nocturnal scratching and thumping against the closet door... 


That's me-- a close up of me holding out my magenta "save the manatees" shirt that I've had since I was 12 years old. But something's different... I'd just gotten splashed with water as I was cooking dinner. I went to tell Matt. 

"Matt," I said. "I've just gotten splashed with water as I was cooking dinner!"
"See?" and I held out my shirt as proof.
"Weird," Matt replied, eyeing the proffered evidence. "It looks like a sea horse. Or a dragon."
"Wha--?" Confused, I walked over the the full length mirror and gave myself a look. There across my hot pink tee, was a sea horse (or dragon) where there was none before. 

I named him Milton. I took his picture. He has since dried and gone away... 


Here we are, a self portrait. We are on out way out the door to have a fabulous night at the Magic Castle with Scott & Rachelle. I tried to lift the shadow over Matt's face (caused by his hand covering the flash) and instead I blew out the whole shot, but I kind of like it this way. It reminds me of pictures my parents used to take of us growing up.

I wore a fabulous long lace coat to the Castle that I have been wanting to wear somewhere for years. I think it gave me a slightly crazy look- like Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. And I wore purple heels, to match Matthew and his purple shirt. He's so handsome ;)

Oh, and in the background of this picture you can see one of our favorite pieces of art- given to us from the artist himself, Mr. Patrick Blake!


  1. I really liked the baby dragon splash. I think you should write a little story about him

  2. OK! Will you help? Maybe it should be a song instead... hmmmm, wheels are turning!