Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ginger Burrow

I thought I'd continue the theme from my last post and share another "Building of the Burrow"

Wow. A woman made this amazing gingerbread house for a competition last Christmas. (If she didn't win, I'd like to see who did!). I love all the details and little touches!

Gingerbread. I can't think of another building material more appropriate for the Burrow- a place full of red-heads and home-made goodness... 


  1. Now that is awesome. Are those Triscuits for roof shingles? Or Chex??

    I would eat Percy's gingerbread shirt.

  2. I think they are wheat chex that she painted with spray on food coloring- If you really want to know, follow the link, she shows you step by step.

    And I guess if you had to eat someone's shirt, it should be Percy's... he's hardly ever home anyway, always at the Ministry...