Sunday, July 10, 2011

i ♥ bed

Gryffindor beds

I love sleeping. I really love it. And I am good at it! I can go to sleep just about any time of the day or night , and stay asleep for quite some time. Pretty impressive, right? You may think that's some sort of disorder, or sign of depression, but I think it is a gift- a super power, even. And what makes my powers even stronger is that when I am not in my bed, there is some part of my brain that is always thinking about it, dreaming about it, longing to nestle in.

And while I do love my bed, I am not all that loyal to it. I mean, when it comes to beds, I am a sort of "love the one you're with" kinda gal. Don't get me wrong, nothing is worse than a bad bed. When I have a run in with a mattress that can't get me off... to dream land, I do cry out for my own bed and pledge never to leave it again. But we have an understanding, my bed and I. I can sleep around, so long as I come back home and don't reveal the details of my extra-curricular slumberings.

And my wondering eye has me wanting to bed down in each one of these beauties... 

elegant loft bed

Super cool bird bed

forest dream bed
strange grand bed
windowed porch bed
wonky wood bed
two-as-one vintage beds
cozy and bright floor bed
big room, big bed
hanging bed
bird nest bed
floral attic bed
outside bed
twinkle light bed

Hippy bed
bird pillowed bed
A patchworked garden bed
Big swan bed

Fairy bed
a nice B&B bed

Swamp princess bed

I'm off to go catch some Zzzzzzzzs.

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