Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let the moving begin!

Last night, Matt picked up the keys to our new apartment and we are starting to schlep boxes of our most prized possessions (and other such junk) across town. Well, we're not actually moving across town, more like 2.5 miles away from our current residence. Regardless, it feels like a significant move and we are excited to learn the secrets of our new (old) house.

In the past, Matt and I have crammed moving into a day or two to avoid paying rent on two places for very long. Circumstances surrounding this move are quite different, mainly because our new landlords seem totally awesome, and we are able to spread the move over a week and a half.

This gives us plenty of time to go about our transition in a smooth and organized manner... but of course, it's us and we're neither smooth nor organized! We have half-packed boxes stacked in our kitchen, heaps of stuff to separate into 'keep' and 'give-away' piles, and Sherpa can't resist sleeping in any newly uncovered nook or cranny, so he pops up in the most unexpected of places. All in all though, it's our easiest move to date, so far.

Can't wait until we are all settled in- then I will share some of the amazing details of our new place! But for now, it's back to packing...


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